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Saturday, 7 January 2012

DeRaza Iberico Pig Day Sunday 25th March | Catalan Cooking

DeRaza Iberico Pig Day Sunday 25th March | Catalan Cooking:

I soooo want to go on this! You get to make your own morcilla and chorizo out of the most delicious pig in the world and then you get to take it home and eat it!
"Join Catalan Cooking for a day of DeRaza Iberico Pig. The black iberico pig is the reason that Spain makes the best ham in the world and is quite simply the best pork possible to eat...Chef Franz Schinagl will then give us a butchery demo and a chance for you to cut your own pork up yourself.
Ben Mulock will then show how to make iberico hamburger and pork tartare. He will also cook the same cuts of iberico and white pork so you can taste the difference between the two meats. After lunch you make morcilla, sobrasada, chorizo and head cheese, followed by pig trotters paella, iberico pork cheeks in chocolate and eat them altogether accompanied by some matching Spanish wine. You can take home any leftovers and the morcilla. We will send you the chorizo and the sobrasada once it has cured."
£85 is a bargain for this. The only thing putting me off is I am pretty sure I'd never get my piggy swag on the plane home. We need one of these in Belfast or Dublin!

If you live near London you'll want to go to this. It starts at 10.30 am and will be held at Arch 76, Druid Street, SE1. You can get your ticket here.

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